The Mission of Emily the Strange is to support Self Assurance, Creativity, and Mental Health in youth worldwide.

Think for yourself
Do it yourself
Be Yourself

Be all you can’t be...
Don’t let others tell you who you are and what you are or are not capable of— reach for the stars!

Get Lost
Both an invitation to wander in your imagination and to 'take a hike’

Stay Strange
That thing in you that makes you different, celebrate it- it may be your super-power.
Who is Emily?

Emily is a sharp-witted and rebellious young woman with a taste for invention, philosophical musing, scientific experimentation, and radical artistry. When she’s not tinkering in the lab or grinding rails at the skatepark, she’s curled up with her four black kitties, Mystery, Miles, Neechee, and Sabbath.

Emily loves nightmares, punk rock, and the color black. Her signature look—black hair, black dress, black tights, and some white mary janes—is always complimented by a mischievous glimmer in the eye. Emily’s philosophy is D.I.Y. from top to bottom. Do it yourself, think for yourself, BE yourself. That’s what Emily lives by.

Hello kitties
Mystery & NeeChee

Mystery is the eldest cat, and the only female in the bunch. She’s always by Emily’s side, and she’s been there for as long as anyone can remember. Mystery is wise, menacing, and not to be messed with. If you happen upon Mystery while she’s napping, do your best not to wake her! Else you might have to face her wrath!

Neechee is the resident nihilist, and he wouldn’t be caught dead looking you in the eye. His six-toed paws are great at picking locks!

Who are...
Miles & Sabbath

Miles is the posse’s creative genius. He’s an improviser, a smooth talker, and he can run faster than any cat around. Miles is who you want by your side when things start to get ugly. He’s a cat with a plan, and he always finds his way out of trouble.

Sabbath can usually be found wandering off far into the distance, hunting for adventure wherever it lurks. His character is distinguished by a small nick in his ear and his pure rock-and-roll attitude.