Emily's 13th Hour 4-part Comic Book Series with Dark Horse Comics

Emily's 13th Hour 4-part Comic Book Series with Dark Horse Comics
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We all know Emily the Strange is the world's weirdest thirteen-year-old, but do you have any idea how that came to be? Would you believe that Emily wasn't always the curious and confident stranger we know today? After three years and a slew of great short-story explorations of Emily's eclectic life, creator/writer Rob Reger and artist Buzz Parker are back with the first full-length Emily comic-book series! For any girl, a thirteenth birthday is a big deal , and that's doubly-even triply!-true for Emily. Emily doesn't know it yet, but a surprise gift from a long-lost aunt is more than just a family heirloom -- it also holds the key to unlocking the mystery of her lineage and the secrets of her fate! Unfortunately, a strange creature called El Viego knows what Emily doesn't, and he has no intention of letting Emily keep her mysterious heirloom!
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When Emily awoke on the morning of her thirteenth birthday, for all she knew she was just another teen weirdo. But deep down inside, Emily has always known she was more than just a little strange. Now she has the family heirloom -- a gift of mysterious power from her long-lost Aunt LaRue! -- to prove it. Well, she had it anyway, until a strange, striped creature appeared from a cosmic dimension and stole it from her! Now Emily and her kitty Sabbath are on a crazed pursuit through a wacky land she's never seen before. She's going to recover her heirloom and find out why it was taken from her, if it's the last thing she does!
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When Emily awoke on the morning of her thirteenth birthday, she had no way to predict the insanity that would follow. What was supposed to be a mellow day spent celebrating with her mom and watching the solar eclipse has turned into something else entirely. Now Emily is a stranger in an even stranger land, in hot pursuit of the bizarre beast who stole the powerful heirloom watch her mysterious Aunt LaRue sent. Flying ships, talking creatures, and deadly traps are all just the start of an adventure that started in her own bedroom and now finds her standing on the precipice of her own fate, at the ancestral home of her family. Emily loves when things get weird, but is she ready for what waits for her within the walls of Blackrock?
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When she received an ancient watch from her enigmatic Aunt LaRue in honor of her thirteenth year, Emily hoped the heirloom might play a role in uncovering her very strange family history. Instead, her hopes were snatched away-along with the watch itself! -- by a sneaky beast with a secret link to Emily's bloodline. Now Emily's pursuit of the creature called El Viego has lured her deep into the mysterious halls of Blackrock, her awe-inspiring ancestral home. But if Emily can't beat El Viego at his twisted game of hide and seek, she might have more even more to lose than her connection to a lineage of legendary strangers!
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Creator: Rob Reger
Writer: Rob Reger
Artist: Buzz Parker

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